Lộc House

Year: 2O16

Location: Tân An - Thủ Dầu Một - Bình Dương

Area: 4,5m x 20m

Lộc House is a living space of a family with 2 young daughters. The space’s intention is to connect the family members’ activities together. The house’s common area features a small courtyard roofed by a veranda, where the children can enjoy the open space. Lộc house’s colorful veranda casts wavy silhouettes on the wood clad floor. The common space is "Mái hiên" and a small courtyard inside, where children can playing around, reading book,.... In the home, all members are able to observe and communicate with one another through "Khoảng trống."In the course of operation, human communication of light, wind and plants acts as a resonant and emotional touch. The house’s character then becomes an organic part of the environment, along with the plethora of greenery decorating the rooms. The bedrooms are considered to meet in a just enough way. The architects intentionally left the open space untouched in order to facilitate communication between each other.