Quiin House

Year: 2O16

Location: Q6 - Sài Gòn

Area: 5m x 20m

Quiin - A person who loves simplicity, simplicity but rebellious. Quiin House is designed from interaction and mutual respect in work. Our mission in implementing the Quiin House project is to create a quiet, clean and inspirational space. A space where Quiin can comfortably reflect, create, craft a handmade or capture. So the only thing we think we need to provide in this project is "Cavity" and "Light". Mostly through the design of functional blocks around. The functional blocks are anchored in the "empty space". As the creation of the air in the teapot - the "invisible" by molding the teapot - the "visible". Besides, Function blocks - the "visible" is the isolation layer needed to create a quiet and clear space for the "invisible" gap. Light, in this project, is the emotional catalyst and connect the "cavity" in the building.