Quiin House 2

Year: 2O19

Location: Âu Cơ - Tân Bình - Sài Gòn

Area: 90m2

The project is located in a densely populated Chinese residential area, surrounded by rows of 3-4 storey buildings with dense density. The layout of the space is based on a careful analysis of microclimate conditions, ensuring proper ventilation and lighting for the activities taking place inside. In a small area, creating a structure that meets all functions but still has a certain personality and difference is a difficult requirement of the project. Transparency and minimalism are used with great consideration in the continuous and convenient flow of activities. The cultural recall of the Chinese in some of the furniture and the softness of the arches are repeated continuously. Light is arranged slowly according to zones that directly affect and separate the space into light, material, quiet, and temperature components, giving the scene a feeling of peace and familiarity with each other. the atmosphere of traditional Asian housing spaces. The silence in space makes people feel deeply about themselves, towards one.