The Longcave

Year: 2O15

Location: Trà Ôn - Vĩnh Long - Việt Nam

Area: 5m x 40m

From wide-open land with fields, rivers, people are gradually being transferred to the batch house closely divided, poor lighting and poor quality living space. Besides that people also face many social evils increasing galloping theft, murder, drugs ... do people have to live daily in fear and distrust. The overarching fear, do fades away openness, people become more aloof, and almost "hide" in their own oasis. “The Longcave” is a project in this context on the area of 5x40m. With thoughts create a place, not just a house, but it is where emptying anxiety, fear, the only remaining calm. “The Longcave” is inspired space section of Son Doong cave *, and human life in the initial period of the cave. When stepping through a door and step in space without walls, the space is a combination of the "Khoản trống." The different sectional shape for the same equivalent area create different feelings for each space. The boundary between inside and outside is blurred away.