Year: 2O15

Location: Lái Thiêu - Thuận An - Bình Dương

Area: 4m x 20m

When architects and young couple met in a story about feelings, the future and their children, we want to give them a secret, a secret that only the children and who they love are known. The secret of the orchard, a secret about that every morning the children will rejoice because of the newly blooming flowers, the scent of ripe fruit on the branches or joy about her mother’s vegetable garden have added a new leaf color. The garden is a gift, the gift from dad to his daughter. The children will grow up with the garden, along with orchard plants like grass growing up with his siblings. They will understand what the garden said and the garden will understand them. But all of them are secrets, the secret of emotions that only can feel like the way they open the window, eyes closed.